3,200 Reasons To File Your Tax Return

3,200 Reasons To File Your Tax Return

Relax, I’m not actually going to list out 3,200 separate reasons.  Nope.  It’s just one reason:

1. $3,200 in direct Economic Stimulus money

That’s right!  In response to the Coronavirus, various acts of Congress have provided for $3,200 of Free Money be given each qualifying individual. If you’re married double it, $6,400.  Additional funds are available for dependents and the Advanced Child Tax Credit.

What’s the catch?  For some, the biggest hurdle is filing a tax return.  At the moment, the singular tax return to file is your 2020 Federal Income Tax Return Form 1040.  This form is the key to unlocking all the Economic Stimulus money.

There are various details, facts, and circumstances that specifically effect your eligibility, but Congress was quite benevolent in directing the IRS to disburse these funds.  Case in point, even if you OWE the IRS for back tax you will still receive the Economic Stimulus money.

Don’t missing out of this opportunity!   If you haven’t received the full Economic Stimulus money – act now!

Jeff Roltgen, Tax Rescue CPA

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